All information contained in the pre-contractual documents provided (including, but not limited to, the project, technical data, illustrations and drawings), are merely indicative and does not have contractual value.

The only valid indications or descriptions are those relating to the property to be acquired and will be contained in the reservation agreement or promissory sale and purchase agreement of the property. Any illustrations, photographs, layouts and examples shown in the pre-contractual documents provided have the sole intention of illustrating the text, and may not correspond directly to the final project, and should therefore be considered as merely indicative.

Given the current phase of the Cerro Mouro project, the project may undergo changes due to the need to adjust within the scope of the licensing and construction procedures, namely, for administrative, legal, technical or commercial reasons. The Developer disclaims any liability, indemnity or compensation for any such changes. The Developer owns the intellectual property rights for all elements provided, including the graphic design, text, images, textures, graphics, logos, and any reproduction, alteration, public disclosure or disposition in any way of the elements identified above is hereby prohibited.

Any price described in the pre-contractual documents shall be merely indicative and for information purposes only, and an estimate of the amount that may be charged. The Developer shall not be liable for any investment decisions made based on the information disclosed in the pre-contractual documents provided, and does not hold itself responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, that may arise from the content of this material.

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